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Jervis Tetch: Mad Hatter



Jervis Tetch grew up in Oxford, England, his parents had died when he was young and he lived with an aunt who worked in the Alice in Wonderland store, also known as the Old Sheep Shop. It’s because of her that he started to read the books. He’d spend lots of time after school in the shop, because he wasn’t very popular. And people teased him a lot. So he kept to himself. He was a quiet and polite child, but had a hidden temper that would show up if he was pushed around too much. Mostly though, he was able to stop from lashing out violently.

He was always fascinated with technology as well as the brain. Which is why when he was older, he started to study neuroscience. When he was in university he met a woman named Eleanor who was also studying neuroscience. The two of them fell in love and married.

They lived in England for a while. Working small jobs and fairly happy though they wanted to do more with their research. They had a child that they named Alice. A few years after she was born, Jervis’s aunt died. Around this time both Jervis and Eleanor were offered jobs in a private American medical company that was studying the use of technology and the brain. Before they could go though, Eleanor passed away thanks to a cerebral haemorrhage.

Jervis and Alice moved to the United States and after a while became American citizens. After working for this company for two years, it was bought out by a company based in Gotham city. Jervis and Alice moved there when Alice was seven.

Jervis was working on a way to affect people’s emotions with technology. Primarily to use in cases of depression and other anxiety related issues. When he started working in Gotham the company started to slowly change the goals of the project. They wanted to be able to influence aggressive behaviour in people or something that would make people more susceptible to manipulation.

The company was actually a front for one of the mobs in Gotham. When Jervis tried to leave, they kidnapped his daughter so he would co-operate. A year later, the rival mob, for its own reasons and fearing the growing threat of Batman, tried to take over the operations. During the chaos Alice was shot and killed.

After that Jervis was alone. The new mob wanted him to work for them. And he agreed to do so. Using his technology he was able to cause a spike in aggression to the subject that wore it. Unknown to the mob, he started to use what he was given to work on his own projects.

Places with new technology started to be robbed. And a man in a large top hat was seen nearby.

Batman became involved.

Specific people began to vanish. And Jervis set up his tea party. He was working on his technology, trying to make it more than just influence people and increase rage. He wanted to control them.

Batman tracked him down and caught him. Jervis managed to kill at least two of the mob members responsible for his daughter’s death but he was stopped before he could kill the other three. Batman caught all of them and Jervis, who was deemed insane, was put in Arkham Asylum.

Personality and Madness

Jervis was always a quiet and polite man, and for the most part he remains that. However he’s quite insane having descended into madness when his daughter was killed. Having always loved Alice in Wonderland, it was an important part of his entire life, and something that connected him to everyone in his family. His aunt had raised him on the stories, his wife had loved the books and his daughter, named Alice, had adored the stories as well. All three of them were dead, and Carroll was his only connection to anything happy in his life.

He’d always struggled with small bursts of anger that happened after he’d been pushed around for too long. However aside from a few fights as a child he’d managed to avoid them. Now, he’s liable to stab someone with a butter knife or a hat pin if he loses his temper.

He’s very cheerful for the most part and loves to quote or recite Alice in Wonderland or other Carroll works. He loves to discuss anything related to Alice in Wonderland or his technical work. Though don’t insult Carroll, or imply he was a drug using pedophile. Jervis will react violently.


-Kill the remaining people who are responsible for his daughter’s death

-Work on his technology and make it more efficient and more powerful

Interesting Facts

-They let Jervis wear his hat in Arkham, because it was the only way to get him to calm down enough that they didn’t have to lock him in solitary constantly.

-He actually likes children still. Some of his crimes later in the future will be motivated by good intentions, with an extreme and insane mindset.


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